Cindy gives an amazing massage. Her gentle but firm hands apply just the right amount of pressure to relax and rejuvenate you. Cindy's positive energy radiates from her and just creates a wonderful bond between LMT and client. -Dorothy S.

As someone who is very active (running and triathlons) I appreciate Cindy's knowledge of the kind of bodywork needed by an athlete. She's always done a great job of helping me to stay in good condition to be able to meet my fitness goals. Cindy also has a very warm, relaxing presence. I highly recommend her! - Tamar H.

Cindy's range of treatment options is nicely varied, and she is terrific at suggesting what type of treatment and what areas to concentrate on to get the best outcome for a session. I have chronic low-back pain and I really appreciate the way she works with all the related systems to alleviate my symptoms.  - Jennifer S.

I went to Cindy for treatment on my lower back and hips which had become tight and painful from running and cycling.  I’ve had many massages before and know that they can be beneficial, but wasn’t prepared for the exceptional treatment I received from Cindy.  She has proved her thorough knowledge of the body and commitment to finding unique solutions to fit each individual.  For example, several times she has taken the initiative to research more on my specific problem in between appointments, and has a new idea for treatment.  Cindy’s level of care, skill and professionalism is unmatched in the Portland area. Highly recommended!             -Scott R.

I was having difficulty walking without severe pain in my hips due to a slipped disc and was scheduled for back surgery. After talking with Cindy, I decided to delay the surgery until I tried chiropractic treatment and massage. I have not had the surgery and I am walking 3 miles every morning without severe pain! Cindy gives a fantastic massage! I highly recommend her.              -Marlene V.

After I had major neck surgery I had a lot of pain and discomfort recovering. The muscles, in the area of the neck connecting to the right shoulder formed nodules and were very painful. With a series of deep massages Cindy was able to relieve my pain and get me on my way to a normal life again. Thank you Cindy! -Bob V.

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